What Are Full Mouth Implants?

Full mouth implants are for patients that have given up on their teeth, and would like to replace them all to get that perfect natural looking smile. Patients that choose full mouth implants may have damaged or cracked teeth, or may have a few teeth left, and are just ready to rejuvenate their smile. Others may have tried dentures, and are tired of dealing with the maintenance or slipping and clicking. Full mouth implants are a permanent solution that is durable, and restores the functionality of your teeth and mouth.

Full mouth dental implants are also known as All-on-4, or Teeth in a Day. This type of implant provides patients with a new smile in just one appointment. The All-on-4 procedure involves stabilizing a new full arch of teeth with as few as four dental implants. Patients can receive implant supported teeth and a renewed smile in just one day.

At Jolie Smiles our doctor has years of experience in implant dentistry, and is a specialist in full mouth reconstruction. Dr. Truong loves creating beautiful smiles and helping patients achieve the smile of their dreams. Implants can increase your confidence and improve your health. Dr. Truong helps patients restore their smile with dental implants, and works with each patient’s individual needs.

What Are the Benefits of Full Mouth Implants?

Full mouth implants give patients the ability to restore their smile quickly and efficiently. Teeth can be placed and function like your natural teeth, giving you that perfect smile. Full mouth implants do not slide around like dentures or other options, and they allow patients to eat and drink as they would with their natural teeth. With the All-on-4 option, patients can have a renewed smile in one day.

How Does the Process Work?

Patients that are interested in dental implants will begin with a consultation to determine what treatment is best. We will develop a customized treatment plan, and discuss how the process works so the patient knows what to expect.

During the All-on-4 procedure, four to six implants are placed in the jawbone. Next, permanent teeth are attached to the implants. These are permanent and cannot be removed. During the healing process the implants fuse to the bone as they heal, making them extremely stable. Implants in most cases can withstand more pressure than our natural teeth.

Who Is a Good Candidate?

All patients can be considered for full mouth implants. The best candidates are typically those that are missing most, or all of their teeth along the dental ridge. During the consultation process our team will ensure patients have enough bone present in the jaw to ensure your dental implants will be a success. Bone grafting may be considered if additional tissue is needed to support the implants. All-on-4 implants are a great option for patients that want quick restoration.

The healing period is quicker with full mouth implants, but the process still takes a few months to allow the implants to fuse to the jawbone. We recommend patients follow a liquid diet initially, and as the implants heal, patients can slowly introduce soft foods back into their diet. Patients are required to return to our office for follow up visits to ensure their implants are healing properly, and everything looks good.

Interested in Finding a Dentist in Odessa, FL?

If you are interested in finding a dentist near you that specializes in full mouth implants in Odessa, FL, Jolie Smiles can help. We use state of the art technology, and provide a calm and relaxing environment for our patients. Our team loves to provide permanent solutions for patients seeking the perfect smile. Let Jolie Smiles get you started on the road to a bright white smile. We provide quality and affordable dental care you can trust.

To schedule your appointment with us, contact Jolie Smiles Denture & Implant Studio in Odessa, FL, and our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.