What are Denture Repairs?

Dentures are helpful prosthetic appliances that can enhance your appearance and improve how you talk, eat and chew. While most dentures can last easily for up to a decade, it isn't uncommon for repairs to be needed along the way. In some cases, your denture might have cracked or broken entirely, or there may be teeth missing from the plate. At Jolie Smiles, we are able to do all of these repairs for you quickly and easily.

Why would you need Denture Repairs?

One of the most common problems that people have with their dentures involves the plate cracking or breaking. In some instances, this is caused by either a pet or child getting hold of the denture and destroying it. In some cases, the denture might have worn down due to bruxism and other problems. Some people may find that the teeth on their denture fall off and that these need to be replaced.

Who is a candidate for Denture Repairs?

Anyone who is wearing a denture that is showing signs of wear or damage will benefit from repairs. These repairs can be done in-house or we may need to send the appliance off to a lab to see if it can be fixed. If your denture is very old and in need of replacement, we may suggest that you get a new one rather than repair the one that you have. Dentures can last for anywhere from five to seven years depending on the patient's wear on the appliance.

What can be expected during Denture Repairs?

We start by having you come into the office and sitting you in one of our rooms. Our doctors will take a look at the denture to determine if and how it can be fixed. If the denture is very old, we might suggest that it be replaced rather than repaired. In some cases, we may need to send the denture off to a local lab for it to be fixed. We will go over all options with you prior to taking the denture from you.

If you need to have an existing denture repaired, call and come into our office so that we can help get this work started.

Same Day Denture Repair