Having our own in-house lab, Dr. Truong has the ability to always make sure you have teeth the same day of surgery. You will have a temporary set of teeth placed so that you never go without teeth.

The permanent teeth that stay in place are the most natural option, you want to get as close to natural teeth as possible. The snap on pieces for snap on dentures need to be replaced more often and you end up spending money consistently to maintain them. Though permanent fixed dentures can cost a bit more you get to eat whatever you want and have peace in mind knowing you have the smile you always wanted that is meant to last a lifetime.

Most of the time we can start doing the molds the same day as consultation, and if schedules allow, your smile transformation can be sooner than you think! Typically your transformation can be completed within the next month or two. From beginning to end, you can get into your final set of teeth in 8-12 months.

We work with premium materials and labs. For high quality, custom smiles at Jolie Smiles are dependent on your specific needs. Different treatments have different costs. Here at Jolie Smiles, we offer many financial plans that help you get the smile and health you want and need. Dr. Truong will review all options for finances during consultation.

We work with 3rd party lenders that offer up to 10-year plans, as well as care credit and we have our own in-house financing where you can make monthly payments while working towards getting your smile.

In the morning, you will have your surgery and by the end of the afternoon, you will have your healthy new smile. With our in-house lab, we make sure it all fits properly and looks exactly the way we want it to before you leave. Dr. Truong will do her best to make sure you do not go without teeth!

Dr. Truong is a Prosthodontist, which means after she became a dentist, she went on to several years of additional accredited specialty training to become a Prosthodontist. A Prosthodontist is a doctor who specializes and is highly skilled in full mouth reconstruction, dentures, dental implants, permanent implants and same day smiles. Also, Dr. Truong has her own in-house lab to customize every smile and offer same day services for your needs. Along with Dr. Truong, the Jolie Smiles team will make you comfortable and at-ease along your journey to a healthy smile. We understand dentistry can be scary, nerve-racking, and overwhelming. We have helped many people with different stories and needs. Bonus, ask us about our guaranteed satisfaction!

Dr. Truong will never let you go without teeth, so if having surgery done, we will place teeth the same day even if you have implants placed! This allows for you to have a temporary set of teeth while you are healing and immediately noticing a difference aesthetically and within the quality of your life.

Though we can’t say for certain until Dr. Truong can review your scans and current condition of your mouth, we have helped many others who have complex cases and have been turned away by other doctors. With our specialty training and techniques, we have helped many people who have been told they don’t have enough bone or need grafting.

We do everything we can as an office to keep you comfortable, we evaluate your medical history and provide proper pain management from the day of your surgery through recovery. Some people have shared that they never had to take one pain medication during their recovery

Typically, you want to take it easy the first week. Some people go back to their normal routines even earlier. We provide you with what is needed to keep you comfortable along your healing journey.

Through this lifechanging transformation, the Jolie Smiles family is here to guide you every step of the way. Dental implant teeth are less maintenance than natural teeth. If you need an adjustment, we aim to get you in same day! Once your treatment is done, we typically see you once a year to make sure everything is staying healthy. We are here to walk you through your lifetime transition to a healthier and happier you.